Jay’s gone, Jay’s not gone (yet)

By Buck Traxler, I-O editor

If you watch TV at all and even if you aren’t a fan, you have toknow that Jay (Leno) has departed the screen.

TV talk show huckster Jimmy Fallon finally got to sit in Jay’s seat early last week and takes over full-time after the Olympics. That in itself is not the story line here. The George Mason (GMU) University Media and Public Affairs department announced, and it is the season, that since 1992 Jay has told 43,982 jokes about politicians.

Leading the way with jokes being told about them were presidents Bill Clinton with 4,607 followed by George W. Bush with 3,239.

Somebody at GMU needs to get a real job.

And making a smooth transition, Jay (as in Dr. Taylor is not gone, yet).

This is an interesting observation.

After the home basketball games, I am one of the last to mosey out of the gym. This is due to the fact that I pack away my camera gear, rummage through all of my vest and jacket pockets for my ear muffs and in general I am not really in a hurry to get out in sub zero weather for the walk to my vehicle.

As I was ready to make my move, all of a sudden it struck me: the whole visitor side of the bleachers, where the Browning fans were sitting, was a trash heap.

From top to bottom in the walk-up aisles there are trash cans, and not one of them seemed to be used. Fans just tossed cups, bottles, paper utensils and what-have-you all over.

I wonder if they trash their own gym up in Browning. I may never know.

The second part of this observation is that Dr. Jay, as in Taylor, his wife Monica, their kids along with Stephanie Keil-Harris were quietly going about and helping the janitor crew pick up this mess.

They weren’t asked to, they just did it.

The PMC board says they don’t want to micro-manage the administration. Well, hog wash, it’s time they did a little micro-managing to keep Dr. Taylor from leaving because the administration is not going to do anything.

That’s it. Just a couple of observations about the Jays from over the weekend.