Conrad Scholars awards total 71

Conrad High School graduates seeking higher education will be happy to know the list of scholarships has increased with added donors and dollars. In response to Conrad Scholars’ Annual Alumni Newsletter, over $6,000 was raised. Donations from the Combined Fund Drive garnered just over $2,400.

Alumni and Drive donors can be proud that their donations, in part, will be added to the Community Endowment, a scholarship based on the idea that every donor, small or large, can have a part in giving scholarships to CHS graduates. This fund, which began with a donation of $5,000 from Stockman Bank, has now grown to nearly $140,000. Scholarships from this fund benefit older students as well as graduating seniors.

This May 14th at 1:30 p.m. Conrad Scholars will hand out $37,000 in scholarship support at the annual High School Awards Ceremony.Some Conrad Scholars scholarships are unrestricted, meaning they will be awarded based on how well the applicant scored in GPA, work experience, community and school activities, and applicant referral. These scholarships include the Student For Students, the Jason Orcutt Memorial, and the Joan Orcutt Memorial scholarships. There are five Conrad IGA scholarships and four Pepsi scholarships that will be awarded to eligible applicants.

Other Conrad Scholars awards have been set up by their donors with certain deciding criteria. The Berthelson Family Scholarship, the Gordon and Marjorie Matheson, In Honor of Paula, Nancy & Laurie, Stockman Bank, Conrad Lions Club, the Douglas Bucher Memorial, the Family of Sylvester & Marie Ries, and the First Christian Church scholarships are awarded on varying grade point average measures.

The Eugene & Iris Erwin Scholarship, and In Memory of Todd Johnson are awarded to an education major. Other teaching minded scholarships are the Berland Family, In Memory of Herbert & Charlotte Berland, and the Barbara Bruner Memorial. The George & Betty Ellingson and Conrad Building Center scholarships are awarded to business majors. The Bliss Family has chosen to give out three scholarships with an emphasis in Ag business, music, or religion. The Marvin & Vivian Cheek Memorial recognize a senior entering in the agriculture field.

A scholarship that is new to seniors this year is the Callie & Neil Snoddy Memorial. It was the wish of the families that this award should go to a student entering a mental health field of study. The donors to the Class of 1995, In Memory of Debbie Burditt Hildahl scholarship ask that the award go to a senior studying social services.

A student entering the medical field will be eligible for the Special Donor Scholarship, a fund given to Conrad Scholars through an anonymous donor. The Anita Sabbe Gergasko Memorial scholarship goes to a deserving person attending a Montana school.

Also new this year is a scholarship set up by the Pondera Shooting Sports. This will be awarded to a student with a minimum GPA of 2.5 and priority should be given to a Shooting Sports member.

Community service plays a part in the 3 Rivers, Community Education Foundation, and the Community Endowment Scholarship.

Stephen C. Kellogg set his scholarship up to honor his family with the award going to a senior from a single parent family and a minimum 2.5 GPA.

The Mach I Flying Club chose to use remaining club funds to set up a scholarship to go to a senior with a connection to flying.

An association to athletics is important to the donors of the Don Hammer Memorial, the Papa & Justin Scholarship, and the Pondera Ladies Golf Association In Memory of Delores McDonald.

The Zomer Truck Company, the Chad Durnell Memorial, and the Castle Family Scholarship In Memory of Larry Castle are awards to go to students entering a vocational institution.

Students applying for the Genevieve Rieken Anderson, Rossberg Family, Jim and Evelyn Yeager Memorial, Patriotic Fund, Wells Fargo, Bob Bryce Memorial, Sunset Dental Health and Sciences, and John and Arlyss Skipwith Scholarships are required to fill out a financial assistance questionnaire. Additional requirements must be met for some scholarships in this category.

All totaled, this is 71 Conrad Scholars awards bringing needed financial support to as many deserving applicants as possible. One of last year’s award winners expressed their gratitude by saying, “Thank you so much for the two scholarships of $300 each. Every amount seriously helps and I greatly appreciate it.”

The deadline for applications for seniors is April 1. Later this year students who are already attending higher education can apply for another round of scholarship giving.