After hours event highly successful

By Buck Traxler, I-O Editor

Patterned somewhat after similar events in other cities, the Conrad Area Chamber of Commerce launched a “Chamber After Hours” event on Thursday.

The idea is simple, offer a little finger food, some refreshments, and hold the event at your place of business.

The business community and their employees are welcome to come and relax, unwind, and socialize with fellow business and professional people in our community.

John and Janie McFarland of Conrad Building Center hosted the first event, and Mike Harding, of Big Ox BBQ and Catering, cooked up more than enough wings and pulled pork and fries to go along with a variety of condiments to feed an army.

In addition, bottled water, coffee, and other refreshments were on hand.

There was no agenda, just show up, chew on a wing, sip a soda, and have a good time.

On hand was Bill O’Leary the inter-rim CEO/PMC, the Utterback boys and families, new pharmacists in town, Bonnie Poser from The N’ Thing, Mayor Judisch, County Attorney Mary Ann Ries and Curtis to name a few.

Tidbits of conversationincluded what was happening in city and county government, the weather, here and on the east coast was a popular topic, spring training has started (baseball season is here) can’t wait to get on the golf course, and what’s new in the family.

John McFarland commented, “We (CBC) are excited and honored to be the host for Conrad’s first “Chamber After Hours” event.”

Janie noted, “We had the opportunity to attend a similar event in Cut Bank that was enjoyable so we patterned our gathering in a similar fashion.”

In other CofC news, the 49th annual Chamber Banquet will be at Norley Hall on March 15. There will be a social hour at 6 p.m. and dinner starts at 7 p.m.

This year the featured entertainment is comedian David Crowe. Be watching the I-O for more information.

Special awards at the banquet include the UnSung Hero award to an individual who volunteers time for the betterment of our community, The Business Leadership award for contributing to our business community, and the Clydesdale award which goes to a group or organization.

For more information about the banquet, contact Barbie Killion at the CofC, 271-7791.