Glasgow to send Conrad their CTEP funds; $62,302

It was announced at the city council meeting on Tuesday that the city of Glasgow has requested that their CTEP funds be gifted to Conrad.

Finance Officer Agnes Fowler worked to make this possible. In addition, the county has also made a gift of $40,586 which means the city now has $205,392 of CTEP funds for their Historic Pedestrian Lighting Project.

There may be more funding if the Depot project is not approved. The lease from BNSF for the land under the depot has not been transferred yet. There is a possibility that the Depot society will be able to get the lease for $100 per year, as a charitable organization. Until they are able to either get the lease rate reduced or get the lease transferred, they will not move forward with their other plans.

It was noted that the additional funding may result in minimal street lighting assessment increases and most likely no loan for the funding of the project.

Ross Oveson of Sun River Electric advised the city that they will donate the proceeds of the golf scramble in August to the City of Conrad to use toward a backstop fly ball fence at the Babe Ruth field.

During the public comment segment, Mayor Wendy Judisch presented certificates of appreciation to Wesco Trailer Sales, represented by Ralph Diedrich.(Larry Walters was not able to attend), and to John and Charon Cloer of the Pondera RV Park for their efforts in helping a stranded RV traveler from Alaska.

 In reports to the city, Chief Gary Dent said the CPD received 221 calls in May. Among them were 10 calls about suspicious activity, four thefts, seven domestic situations, six rides home from taverns, three vandalisms, 24 various warnings, and four alarms answered.

There were 19 animal control calls with four dogs in the pound for the month.

In a report from the library, Carolyn Donath said there were 2,186 patrons in the month of May. 

The New Miami Colony donated flower baskets filled with bedding plants to the library. Anna Pollard, the assistant librarian, will work with AP English high school students in the evenings at the library for their summer project.

There are 40 kids in the summer reading program which is funded by the Friends of the Library and the Conrad Community Education foundation.

Author Jamie Ford was at the library on June 5 for a book signing, the Friends of the Library has purchased some furniture for use in the library and the Drapery Lady will be re-upholstering the furniture at a reasonable rate. The Friends of the Library will be covering this cost.

PWD Rich Anderson reported the underground sprinklers are installed and operational at the swimming pool park, the baseball field sprinklers are turned on and working, three employees went to a grader school and problems with water lines were dealt with at the swimming pool and it is up and running.

He noted that the aquabot was sent off for repairs at a cost of about $55-$600 and will take about two weeks to complete.

Trees were planted in honor of Arbor Day and the contractor working at the Town Pump hit a water main. It was out of operation for about five hours.

Cheryl Curry from the County Regional Port Authority (PA) said they have completed the TSEP and DNRC-RRGL grants for additional water main upgrades, air binding at the water treatment plant and painting of the two water storage tanks. If awarded, the PA will administer the grants and receive $10,000 for the administration fees.

She noted that grant writing is a complimentary service provided by the PA to the communities it services.

The 2012 TSEP/SRF grant/loan is now is progress with draw downs taking place.

The neighborhood stabilization house has gone to bid. Another housing program is being investigated as a partner with Neighbor Works. 

Curry said she has personally taken the task of a possible legislative solution for more reliable cell phone service. She has asked Sen. Llew Jones and Rep. Rob Cook for their ideas to help find a solution to “or poor service.”

She went on to add, “This is definitely a killer to economic development in the area, to have such poor service in this day and age.”

The year-end report noted that over $88,000 of loans had been made, all to businesses in the City of Conrad. Grant writing and administration of grants for the city was also part of their work this past year.

Curry noted that all of the first round housing has been sold and the Safe Routes to Schools project to install and upgrade sidewalks near schools and a rail study have been worked on.

The PA is requesting FY2014-15 to continue economic development for Conrad and the area.

The PA is also requesting the loan forgiveness from FY 13-14 in the amount of $12,437.54.

On a motion by Drew Lesnik and a second from Danial Jones, the loan to the PA for $12,437.54 was forgiven.

A de-annexation request from Joe and Lourdes Russell for a piece of their property go from the city limits into Pondera County. The request was tabled for further information.

Fireworks sales for the Pondera 4-H Shooters and American Legion Post Number 37 were approved in lots across from the Town Pump and next to the old G&D Hardware Store respectively.

Pool manager Becky Rammell introduced Willy Mello assistant pool manager and Kellen Murack the head life guard.

A job description for the assistant manager will be presented at a later date. A job description for non-certified employees will also have to be developed.

Rammell is also requesting to hire non-certified staff that could man the office and teach swimming lessons.

They would be First Aid, CPR and AED trained and would be required to wear staff attire at their own expense.

She said the use of non-certified staff would free-up the certified guard hours while saving payroll costs.

The request to hire non-certified staff to do non-certified lifeguard work at the pool at minimum wage and they must be CPR, First Aid and AED certified passed on a 3-0 vote. Rammell also requested funds for the Genevieve Reiken Anderson fund to purchase benches for inside the pool to encourage adults to be inside the pool rather than outside the fence. She also has a list of other items she would like to buy. The council tabled her request for the time being.

The council meets every first and third Tuesday at City Hall, 413 S. Main Street at 6 p.m.


The public is encouraged and welcome to attend and see their government at work.