On the Fast–Trax ... Dark Money

By Buck Traxler, I-O Editor

The primary election is now a thing of the past, and it’s a small reprieve for voters until the General Election in November draws near.

For the most part voters were glad the primary was over. This had to be one of the nastiest campaigns run—both for Democrast and Republicans.

So called “dark money” reared its ugly head and third party ads for candidates ran amuck.

I’m not sure what is worse, the “dark money” or the third party, where the candidate can say they have no control of who says what  and had no idea that certain ads were coming out. In either case it’s a bunch of  bullish malarkey.

One such “postcard” mailed out attacked Ann Morren through the use of children right at the end of the campaign, offered little time, if any, for a rebuttal.

It was paid for by Montanans for Responsible Leadership (MRL) out of Great Falls.

Using children to go after a candidate is just wrong. And, if this is the best MRL can do, I suggest they look for new leadership. Some of its commentary was so close to slander, I wouldn’t dare put anything like that in the I-O.

I did get a kick out of part of their ad copy where they use the word ‘disingenuous.’ Now there is a 10 pound word if I ever saw one. In simple terms, the word master of the ad copy says Ann is lying with “her plans for our children’s future . . .”

I wonder, does the person who wrote this ad copy use monster words like this in their everyday conversation, or did they just pick up on it because it sounds nasty, looks ugly and many people who read it wouldn’t have a clue as to its meaning.

It’s somewhat obvious the copywriter was working for some moola and doesn’t know Morren, and doesn’t care. I’ve know her for more years than I have fingers on both hands—lying is not in her make-up. You may not agree with her all the time—but she is a truth-person.

Its time you knew that I am a political genius with my views as a consultant being sought by ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox news, KSEN, and the AP to name a few media outlets. OK, how’s that for being disingenuous? But I am a political junkie and my feeling is that the Cook campaign, and others who had a $50,000 investment here, needed a shocker—thus came the dirty postcard.

If there had been another week to the campaign, there very well may have been a new candidate in the General Election come November. 


By 131 votes, a win is a win and that is what matters in politics, because you don’t get anything for second place.