On a motion by Councilman Drew Lesnik and a second by Karla Breding, the council moved to let a bid of $599,904.05 toward the base bid and Alternates A/B for the TSEP Water Main Project to Johnson Excavation.

The bid also included authorizing a notice to proceed. KJL Engineering also recommended awarded the bid to Johnson Excavating.

It was noted that the Industrial Park Fund has a negative cash balance of $21,151.87.

There was discussion of a loan transfer being authorized from the general fund prior to the end of the fiscal year to clear this negative balance along with a budget amendment for FY13-14.

This loan could be satisfied with the sale of lots at the East Industrial Park (EIP), or transferred back to the general fund in FY14-15.

Public Works director Rich Anderson asked if there were any anticipated reimbursements from the North Central Montana Regional Water when they hook on. No definitive answer has been able to be obtained.

Anderson said he also has costs from his water, sewer and street fund that he hopes to have reimbursed as well because the water and sewer expenditures will be depreciated through those funds they were paid out of those funds.

Alderman Lesnik felt that charging ourselves interest is not in the city’s best interest and to possibly proceed with a loan/transfer for two years.

If lots are not sold it would be readdressed at that time. Different scenarios were discussed about current funding and expenditures to properly reflect the cash balances and true costs for the EIP  as well as future expenditures as lots are sold.

A motion by Lesnik and
second by Breding to loan from the general fund at zero percent interest to the Industrial Park fund to zero the balance at fiscal year end and then be reversed in FY14-15 passed on a 4-0 vote.

In other business, a revised contract for $400 per month with RM Cleaning for janitorial services at city hall was presented.

This is a reduction of $8 per month from the previous contract and would be effective June 1 through May 31, 2015. Carpets will be cleaned as needed, outside of the contract. A motion to approve the contact passed on a 4-0 vote of the council.

The Community Service Coordinator contract with Youth Mentoring LLC was presented for the same amount as last year at $2,900 per year.

This position is mandated by MCA as it relates to specific charges for minors whether or not referrals are received by the court.

Chief Gary Dent felt there has been more cited than have been referred. The council moved to accept the contact for $3,900 with Youth Mentoring LLC on a 4-0 vote.

The council looked at and heard the first reading of a fireworks ordinance (408).

Councilman Daniel Jones feels the definition for permissible fireworks from the cities of Hamilton and Hardin are adequate.

He would like to have the ending time on July 4 to be 2 a.m. the following morning rather than an arbitrary time of 1 a.m.

Other discussion among the council included having the definition of what fireworks were, would aid in the enforcement and understanding of what was allowed while keeping it simplified and also what was prohibited should be included.

A motion by Lesnik, second by Breding to inset into Ord.-408 from the City of Hamilton’s code, the definition of fireworks, permissible fireworks and prohibited fireworks passed on a 4-0 vote.

Finance Office Agnes Fowler explained budget amendment #14 and why the amendments are necessary for FT13-14. A correction was made to the amendment changing the $15,000 as revenues for the water fund to $7,500 to properly reflect only the portion for the TSEP grant.

A budget amendment will be submitted at the next meeting regarding the Industrial park funding as previously discussed.

A motion by Breding and a second by Jones to approve R-14 passed on a 4-0 of the council.

The next council meeting will be on July 8, 6 p.m. in city hall at 413 S. Main Street.


The public is encouraged and always welcome to attend council meetings and see their government at work.