Hospital has a loss for May, $127,000

The Pondera Medical Center had a net loss of $127,529 for May, with the loss from operations being $166,220.

Total patient revenue was $15,309 lower that May of 2013, while net patient revenue was $98,774 lower.

Expenses were also lower than May of 2013 by $71,864, and year to date expenses were $292,092 lower than the prior year to date.

Most of the savings in expenses is from salaries/wages and professional fees. Through the first four months of 2014 the hospital operation loss is $240,639 less than last year. Swing beds have been generating revenue and overall cash flow from operations is a positive one percent.

The 2013 cost report has been submitted, and PMC anticipates receiving approximately $180,000 from Medicare as a result of the cost report.

During a public comment segment, Gary Olson and Don McClain reported on progress with the formation of the Foundation. The Articles of Incorporation have been submitted to the Secretary of State Linda McCulloch.

Once those are approved, the group will continue with bylaws, appointment of officers and other matters to be up and running. There are nine active members at this point.

In board news, Brent Gaylord and Bernard Ries were re-appointed to the PMC board, each for a three-year term. Officers for the coming year were re-elected to their current positions: Gaylord, chairman; Ries, vice-chairman; Kelly Greer, secretary; and Janice Hoppes, treasurer. Gaylord reappointed Hoppes as Finance Committee Chair.

Other board members include Ted Kronebusch, Karla Styren, Jaynie Gollehon and Gena Morris.

In other board action, they approved a resolution authorizing the expenditure of $43,242 for the purchase of software, licensing, hardware, and computers to upgrade to Windows 7 through Jathco Computers, and the expenditure of $18,280 for flooring projects in Extended Care, the café and administration, using funds from the Anderson Trust Account.

A new policy was approved to increase security and safety by restricting access to areas of responsibility as well as minimize financial loss by reducing the number of lost, misplaced and mishandled keys.

An audit report was reviewed with the auditor by phone. There were no major findings of problems to be addressed.

It was reported that the county will be paying  PMC more for meals provided to the inmates at the jail. Fees for the Wellness Center were compared to fees in Choteau, Cut Bank and Shelby and will not increase.

Clinic revenue is down, however, Wade Holden PA and Ashton Tranmer FNP-C continue developing their practices. Urgent care is available at the Clinic and physician recruitment efforts are ongoing with the assistance of Kalispell Regional Medical Center (KRMC).

Human Resource Coordinator Melissa Proff made a presentation of the results of the recent Employee Satisfaction Survey and comparison to the responses in the 2013 survey. Supervisors will provide the employees with the survey results in the next week or so.

Laura Erickson RN, Clinic Care Manager, presented the CEO (Bill O’Leary) report.

The hospital has engaged a locum’s physician to cover during July and FNP has applied for privileges. Two EMT students have completed training and a Respiratory Therapist will start on Monday.

Linda Iverson, a clinic consultant from KRMC has been at the clinic this week evaluating and making recommendations to assist in clinic management.

The requirements for Meaningful Use have been discussed and implemented. Tim Salois will do the work necessary to disconnect the extra city water shut-off which will save the facility money.

The balance due Summit Concrete for the work on the bridge and, as funding allows, will do the roof on the bridge, followed by the railing. 

In other action, the board approved a Management Services agreement with KRMC for two years.

The agreement formalizes the services PMC has been provided by KRMC over the past six months, for a two year period.

Current KRMC employees at PMC, O’Leary, Randy Nightengale and David Sibert, RN, will remain at PMC as CEO, CFO, and Risk Management, respectively.

Other services such as Iverson as Clinic Consultant will be available as requested.


The board noted PMC will remain independent of KRMC but with management personnel contracted to us.