Dupuyer residents back for an update on town blight

Representing the town of Dupuyer, three residents, Ali Newkirk, and Dennis and Nancy Williams were present to meet with the commissioners for an update on the blight of the town.

Commission Chairman Joe Christiaens tuned the meeting over to Newkirk who wanted an update from the last meeting.

Commissioner Sandi Broesder said she had visited with county attorney MaryAnn Ries and it was anticipated that a suit against the landowner Peggy Utsler will be filed by Friday of this week.

Readers will recall that Utsler is the owner of the bar and grill that burned down in December of 2013 and has done nothing to clean up the Main Street mess.

Newkirk commented that “We don’t want her to benefit from doing nothing.” County Sanitarian Corrine Rose said, “At least it’s moving forward.”

Chairman Christiaens said, “If we could get permission from Peggy, we could clean it up.”

Newkirk added, “We could do that, and then said, “If she gets some notice of court action she might do something and get her head out of the sand.”

In somewhat of a related issue, Dennis Williams presented a letter to the commissioners requesting the replacement of the current dilapidated restrooms in the William Jones Memorial Park.

There was discussion of the current facility for which he stated from a letter to the commissioners, “. . . it appears to be of original outhouse style built in the early 1900s. It has his and hers accommodations. There are no doors and no ability to wash your hands. It is now an outdated eyesore and health hazard and located within 100 feet of Dupuyer Creek.”

Rose made a suggestion, saying any new restrooms should be located in a better area to avoid flooding.

The commissioners said they would look into options concerning the outhouse, including contacting the Fish, Wildlife and Parks for help.

There were nine abatements to act on and with that many, the commissioners read them into the minutes and acted on one vote.

There were three cancellations for Bresnan on a Charter Settlement for $891.64, $986.07, and $125.07.

There were two add-ons for the Aggregate company that was recalculated by the state for $2.71 and .81 cents.

And there were four other add-ons for Bresnan, in the amount of $4,865.26; $2,383.37; $2,782.11; and $2,552.78.

The commissioners meet every Wednesday at 10 a.m. in the office at the courthouse to discuss county business.


The public is always welcome to attend and see their government at work.