Operating loss at PMC improves

It was reported at the last Pondera Medical Center board meeting, in the finance report, that the operating loss is $124,625 less than last year at this time.

The hospital net income was $116,175 with $79,978 coming from operations.

The total patient revenue was $24,388 higher than June of 2013 while the net patient revenue was $91,014 lower.

Their expenses were also lower than June of 2013 by $73,899. The year-to-date operating expenses are $365,991 lower than the prior year. The report points out that most of the savings have come from a reduction in salaries and wages and profession fees.

Board member Janice Hoppes noted that the facility continues holding costs down, but “We need to generate more operations revenue.”

Recruitment of physicians continues to be a top priority and, while unfortunate, the board has found it necessary to increase rates in the nursing home.

There was board discussion of the amounts raised by taxes in the surrounding counties for operating hospitals and nursing homes.

Along with this discussion was further talk of the possibility of a separate corporate structure for the hospital and nursing home. No action was taken at this time.

Melissa Proff presented a draft of the employee Grievance Policy which incorporates clarification and the process for the employee grievance. No action was taken at this time. Policy changes were tabled until the August meeting.

Laura Erickson RN, presented the 2013 Annual Rural Health Clinic and Critical Hospital Evaluations. Sean Kavanagh presented the Information Technology Strategic Plan.

Copies of the evaluations and plan may be obtained by contacting Lori Fletcher at PMC during normal business hours. Call ahead so they may be ready for you to look at.

Interim CEO Bill O’Leary reported that JoAnn Cobb will split her time between the Extended Care Facility Life Enrichment Manager and Marketing Specialist for the facility.

A Dementia Coordinator has been hired and will start on Sept. 1. Locums Frank Scoccia, MD, has been seeing patients in the clinic and taking call in the ER.

Kilani Klette, the Registered Dietician and Dietary Manager is going to develop a diabetes management program.

O’Leary is in negotiations for the sale of the eye clinic practice and the buildings. It was noted that donations are still needed for the bridge project in order for progress to continue.

There was discussion with the board and CEO on education opportunities for trustee members. O’Leary will follow up with suggested topics. The CEO reported that he attended a meeting of the Foundation last week.

He also attended a meeting, organized by Dr. Jay Taylor with other regional CEOs and physicians to discuss the potential for on-call coverage among the local CAH hospitals in the area. There was also discussion of the potential to share services among the hospitals.

Mark your calendar for meeting changes. The September meeting will be on Oct. 2. The October meeting will be on Oct. 30 (two meetings in October).

The November meeting (no meeting in November) will take place on Dec. 4 and the December meeting will be on Jan. 8, 2015 and the January meeting will be on Jan. 29, 2015 (two meetings in January).


The meetings all begin at 5:30 p.m. and are held in the conference room at PMC.