By Adam Jerome, I-O Reporter

Conrad Smoker packs CHS gym
AND THE WINNER IS — Brian ‘The Bruiser’ Augare of Valier has his hand raised by the referee noting a win over Trent ‘Norwegian Nightmare’ Knox of Conrad at the Conrad Smoker on Saturday. I-O Photo by Buck Traxler
   This past Saturday the Conrad Wrestling Club and the Conrad Lion’s Club put on the 6th annual Conrad Smoker.  
   Ten fights were slated, two of which were for girls.  The matches were scheduled for three two minute rounds, after the third round the judges went to the scorecards to declare the winner.  The judges were Scott Arvidson, Lyal Brugman, and Chuck Moler.  Whitney Bliss, Katie Dulmage, Kelly Johns, Heather Judisch, and Courtney Sutherland, participated as ring girls.  Jim Sargent entertained the crowd as the ring announcer.
   Conrad fighters amassed an overall record of six wins and four losses, but two of the fights pitted Conrad vs. Conrad, so the hometown fighters did better than the records indicate.
   In the first fight Luke “The Duke” Schlosser defeated Austin “Rockin” Robins of Sunburst by TKO, this was the only fight decided by a knockout.  Schlosser kept Robbins at bay with a left jab, straight right combo in the first round.  In the second round Schlosser landed a strong right that knocked his opponent down, Robbins got to his feet, but referee, Bobby Lecoure decided enough was enough and called the match.
   Jake “Last Stand” Stuart took on Cody “Bam Bam” Sutherland in the second bout of the night.  Stewart won the fight by unanimous decision.  Stewart was knocked down in the first round, but came back in the second to floor his opponent with a fierce uppercut.
   In the third match Katie “KO” Dulmage fought fellow Conrad student, Alexis “The Girl Next Door” Samsal.  Dulmage had a full evening as she was a ring girl and also fought.  The fight was defensive for the first two rounds, but in the third Dulmage floored Samsal twice.  The judges must have seen something else, because they awarded the win to Samsal, by a split decision.
   Brandon “Crazy Canadian” Roos fought Noah “The Hit Man” Harms from Malta.  Roos had a definite height advantage, but Harms kept close and neutralized Roos’s reach, as “The Hit Man” won a unanimous decision.
   In one of the most entertaining fights of the evening, Brandon “Italian Stallion” Phillips beat down Paten “Pay Pay” Bechard from Shelby.  Both fighters came out in the first round swinging, as Phillips got the better of the barrage of fists.  Phillips knocked down Bechard in the second, before both fighters began to tire after a furious first round and a half.  The “Italian Stallion” won a unanimous decision.
   Trent “Norwegian Nightmare” Knox fought Brian “The Bruiser” Augare out of Valier in the sixth fight of the night.  Knox scored a knockdown in the final round, but it wasn’t enough as he lost a split decision.
   In the seventh bout Calvin “Big Cuss” Ophus won a split decision over “Jabbin” Jeremiah Hayes from Shelby.  The fight was close throughout and had to be decided by the scorecards.
   The second girls fight of the night was between, Gina “The Jeanie” VandenBos and Sarah “GI Jew” Workman.  VandenBos kept having trouble with her headgear, but kept charging against the taller Workman.  The decision went to Workman.
   In the ninth fight Jake “The Hammer” Handley of Malta won a unanimous decision over “Stormin” Norman Vanderbush of Valier.
   In the heavyweight bout Boyd “Iron Hands” Matheson fought Nathan “2 Big Guns” Kleinsasser.  Matheson was in control the whole fight as he worked the body and mixed in a few well aimed head shots.  Matheson landed a shot in the third round that drew blood, as he won by unanimous decision.
   The smoker was about as action packed as one could expect in 90 minutes of fights.  The high school gym was packed, and the crowd definitely got their money’s worth.