They made it back to PMC

They made it back to PMC
AROUND THE WORLD THEY WENT — This latest group of ‘weight losers’ at the PMC Wellness Center show a map lined on their travel around the world to drop off some weight. From the left is Phyllis Hammermeister, Tillie Matthys, Andrea Kaste, John Frank, Blackie Sorlie, Maxine Schlosser, Helen Elliott, Kenny Kronebusch and Tammy Bartsch. Photo courtesy of Charlene Bouma, PMC Wellness Center
   As you may recall at the beginning of the New Year in 2008, the members of the Pondera Medical Center Wellness Center started recording the miles they were walking/running and tracking it on a map.  
   What started out as a fun way to keep track of mileage has turned into a quest to journey around the world.
   It is 2,229 miles from PMC to New York City and the wellness group “strolled” into New York on Feb. 4, 2008.  The group had the Atlantic Ocean at their feet and any number of destinations to strive for.  Given the time of the year, they chose to try to make it to Ireland in time for St. Patrick’s Day.  
   They “swam” the Atlantic and arrived in Dublin at 5:10 p.m. on March 17, in time to partake in the celebrations.  Dublin is 5,409 miles from PMC – that’s a lot of miles all done on foot.  From Dublin they headed south to Rome, Italy, which is 6,591 miles from PMC.  The group arrived on April 5, and celebrated with an “Italian Potluck” lunch down in the Wellness Center.  
   Next stop Athens, Greece 7,083 miles from PMC, then Iraq 8,442 miles where a warm thank you went out to all the troops.     From the war zone they made their way through Iran (8,884 miles) and Afghanistan (9,889 miles) before heading to Shanghai China, which was 12,900 miles from PMC.  
   From China it was back in the water for a “swim” to Alaska (I have no doubt in my mind the members were dreaming of the breath taking scenery that Alaska has to offer, while working their tails off on the bikes, treadmills, and ellipticals).  
   The members arrived in Anchorage (17,330 miles) on  Oct. 17.
   From Anchorage they headed to Honolulu, Hawaii (20,112 miles), arriving on Dec. 29, to soak up some sun.  From Hawaii they swam to Acapulco, Mexico, logging in 23,901 miles.  They arrived in Acapulco, Mexico on Feb. 12, 2009.  
   From Acapulco they headed up the coast to San Diego, California and then on to “Sin City,” Vegas, Nevada.  
   The only two things I could get out of the members were (1) they arrived on March 4, and (2) they have collectively logged 25,708 miles.  Other than that they are sticking to that saying, “What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas”.  From Vegas they traveled to Salt Lake City then back to PMC.  They arrived at PMC on March 13, at 11a.m. (Friday the 13th is not as bad as everyone lets on).  
   The Wellness Group has logged a total of 26,639 miles in just a little over a year.  
   The Wellness Center members traveled 5,425 miles farther than they needed to, but the scenic detour was worth it.  This was a fun way to put everyone’s day-to-day grind in prospective.  It is amazing how the miles added up and how a relatively small group can accomplish big things.
   Editor’s note: Charlene Bouma, Manager of the PMC-Wellness Center, submitted this article.