This weekend the High School Golf Team traveled to Missoula for their tournament.
   The first day of play took place at Larchmont Golf Course. “Warming up took a bit of patience on the range inundated with huge snowflakes,” said Coach Kim Hofstad.
   During putting practice, the golf balls grew as they rolled through the snow. Even with the interesting warm up time, golfers were able to tee off by 9:30 and had a pretty nice day. “The last hour, a bitter wind made golfing chilly,” she said.
   Despite the conditions, the golfers did well.
   At the end of the first day, Kyle Ellis sat in ninth with an 87, Nate Gage followed with an 88, Rhett Orcutt was in with a 99, Ramsey Offerdal shot a 107, and Douglas Peters a 112.  
   The team sat in third place behind Three Forks and Loyola and one stroke ahead of Fairfield at the end of the first day. (a Field of 11 teams)
   Kylee Schlepp shot a 114 for the day. She was the only girl playing this weekend for Conrad.
   Saturday, the course had a 1-½ inch blanket of snow at 8:30 a.m. “Officials said to return after an hour for a decision,” said Hofstad.
   At 9:30, the snowy blanket was still just as thick.
   “The course manager said if it was OK by noon, we’d still play 18. If not, and it was OK by 1 p.m. we’d play nine or they would cancel it at that time. We were riding with Cut Bank on their bus and decided, with the look of the course that we would forego possibly playing and head home” she commented Eureka also withdrew along with a number of individual players.
   Those teams remaining did end up playing nine holes in super soggy conditions.