Good news for Conrad community kids

Good news for Conrad community kids
WORKS LIKE THIS — Jamey Byrnes, manager of Gary and Leo’s IGA (left) explains to customer Francis Erickson how the “Round-Up” your store purchase works to support the Conrad Community Education Foundation. This year proceeds from the Round-Up will go to help with swimming lessons, through the Caring for Kids Program, chaired by Sandy Syvertson. I-O Photo by Buck Traxler
   The IGA Round-Up is well on its way thanks to the efforts of Jamey Byrnes and the staff at Gary and Leo’s IGA in support of the Conrad Community Education Foundation (CCEF).
   You may have been asked by IGA cashiers as you check out to “Round-Up” your purchase and donate to the Conrad Community Education Foundation.  
   Maybe you have questioned what CCEF does for our community.
   It is definitely more than supporting the new gym and auditorium efforts and other school activities.  
   CCEF’s mission statement is, “To develop and provide the resources for enhancing the educational environment of Conrad Public Schools and Community, with a goal of building Conrad pride for generations past, present and future,” Vanessa Bucklin tells The Independent-Observer.
   CCEF is committed to the Conrad community as a whole.
   So far the IGA Round-Up has raised over $1,000 in donations.  
   The Foundation is ready to put this money and more to good use in our community.  
   They have voted to work in conjunction with the Caring for Kids Swim Program chaired by Terry Syvertson.  “She has spearheaded this wonderful program for years to assist Conrad families in purchasing season swimming passes,” says Shari Gianarelli, CCEF president.
   This year CCEF has decided to offer assistance with swimming lessons for these qualified recipients. “We feel that by offering swimming lessons to children, they will learn a skill that will be beneficial to them for a lifetime,” said Bucklin.
   Education comes both in and out of the school arena and CCEF is very pleased to offer this opportunity.  For both programs (swim pass and swim lessons) funding is limited and will be given on a first-come first- serve basis for families in need of assistance.  
   CCEF is very excited to work with Terry and the Caring for Kids Swim Program.  
   “We are committed to improving our schools and community.  The more money we raise, the more we can do for our children in Conrad and the surrounding area,” commented Gianarelli.
   When a clerk at the IGA asks if you  would like to “Round-Up,” just say, “yes.”   
   The CCEF board includes, S. Gianarelli, president; Mark Gage, VP; V. Bucklin, secretary; Barb Judisch, treasurer; and board members, Christy Nelson, Karla Breding, Karla Styren, Wendy Judisch, Superintendent of Schools Lynn Utterback, Terry Utterback, Dr. Jay Taylor, and Rep. Llew Jones.
   If you have questions or would like more information about the CCEF, contact any of these board members.