Pondera Shooting Sports Club - Archery
PUTTIN’ ON THE ROCK — Tuesday evening members of the Conrad Volunteer Fire Department gave their time to put up sheet rock at the Shooting Sports Club Building. From the left is Doug Larson, Scott Johnson, Mike Hogan, John Calahan, Shawn Sullivan, Kevin Moritz, Jeff Sullivan, Keith Hruska, Bryan Jones, Tim Russett, and Tony Nickol.
   The on-going construction activities at the Pondera Shooting Sports Center  (PSSC) are exciting to watch for those of us anticipating what the building will have to offer in the coming months, says Gary Olson.
   Olson is a Montana Fish, Wildlife and Game specialist stationed in Conrad and is one of the many volunteers who are helping to construct the new PSSC building just north of town past the baseball complex.
   There will be multiple opportunities for small-bore rifle, air rifle, shotgun and archery enthusiasts, as well as educational and training facilities for 4-H and Montana Hunter Education classes once construction is complete.
   Olson is excited to note that the PSSC will have 13 shooting lanes for general archery at distances up to 20 yards, and 10 lanes at up to 30 yards.
   All classes of bows will be allowed, except cross bows.
   Rules for safe shooting and schedules will be established as archery activities become more organized. “The PSSC will serve as the primary organizational structure for membership,” Olson noted.
Indoor archery for multiple age groups will be offered, hopefully, on Wednesday evenings once the building is up and running.
    The Conrad-Brady-Valier area does not have an adult archery league or club at the present, but sports a lot on non-organized recreational archers, Olson said.
   Having a specific evening set aside for archery activities will most likely require forming an archery club with formal membership.
   Archers will need to supply their own targets, backstops and miscellaneous materials. Onsite storage will be available for supplies and equipment.
   There are several groups competing for weeknight time slots at PSSC, so archery folks should be thinking about how they would like to use the facility throughout the year in order to reserve a night, Olson says.
   For more information or for those that might be interested informing an archery organization, contact Olson at 271-7033.