Small windmills big topic at CofC

   He also reported for the Pondera History Association, noting they are doing well with the clock restoration and that the glass facing had arrived and is being worked on by Dan Brown, Wayne Anderson, and Aaron Bliss.
   Brad Bowman of Sun River Electric was on hand to promote the “connections card,” a business discount card that has special deals both locally and nationally.
   Palmer, the windmill man, said he was, “Here to help people not hurt them and help you save money,” in talking about a small windmill designed for homes and small businesses.
   He noted that it converts wind into clean electricity one can use and is quiet, clean and operates in very low winds.
   Palmer says the” Skystream” can provide anywhere from 40 to 90 percent of a household’s total energy needs.
   A Skystream windmill is in the process, the first in Conrad, of being installed at the Don and Wanda Bollinger residence.
   There are three to four other individuals who may be putting up mini-mills after the Bollinger one is erected and working.
   Presently there are some nice federal and state tax credits available for having a unit installed.
   For example there is a federal energy tax credit of up to $2,000 and for the state, there is property tax break of up to $5,000, a credit for up to $500 for installation, a $1,000 rebate for married couples and $500 for singles.
   The city is in the process of working up a windmill ordinance and policy and sees the Bollinger residential power appliance as a test case.
   For more information on this, contact Willie Stubbs, a local sales representative at 406-576-7248 or  Palmer at 406-868-8573 or visit their Website at .