Ries and Johns take down state champ

Ries and Johns take down state champ
RIPPING THE FOREHAND— Varsity tennis player, Jamie Ries gets set to send a shot back across the net at last years state champ, Darbi Brady. Ries won the match 8-5. There may be a possible rematch for the State title in the near future for these two girls. I-O Photo by Adam Jerome
   The girl’s tennis team began their week with a dual tournament with Fairfield.  The Conrad team was at home and dominated in almost every match.  The Conrad Varsity outscored Fairfield 5-1.  In exhibition matches Conrad beat Fairfield 6-2.
Jamie Ries def. Darbi Brady 8-5; Jessica Stuart def. Micaela Tacke 8-3; Rachel Lamb def. Katrina Eller 8-0; Aerial Wagoner def. Amber Stenson 8-2.
Alyssa Keil-Kelly Johns def. Senna Hoyt-Lexi Bremor 8-5; Emily Weisgram-Beth Grubb def. Harleigh Vincent-Micaela Melo 8-1.
Kelly Johns def. Darbi Brady 6-2; Alyssa Keil def. Micaela Tacke 6-2; Jade Rodriguez def. Aerial Wagoner 6-2; Amber Stenson def. Katrina Eller 6-2; Kelly Johns def. Micaela Tacke 6-3.
Micaela Melo-Harleigh Vincent def. Jade Rodriguez-Courtney Anderson 6-2; Lexi Bremor-Senna Hoyt def. Emily Weisgram- Beth Grubb 6-4; Courtney Anderson-Rachel Lamb def. Micaela Melo- Harleigh Vincent 6-0.
Last Thursday the boys and girls varsity teams traveled to Cut Bank for another dual.  The girls continued their winning trend as they took down Cut Bank 5-1.  The boys were not as successful as they lost to a talented Cut Bank team, 2-4.
Jamie Ries def. Morgan McDivitt 8-5; Kelly Johns def. Kellie Fitzgerald 8-2; Jessica Stuart def. Taylor Harvie 8-5; Alyssa Keil def. Emily Anderson 8-0.
Marla Rice-Briana Bauer def. Beth Grubb-Emily Weisgram 8-3; Rachel Lamb-Courtney Anderson def. Johnson-McCormick 8-5.
Josh Paulson def. Kurtis Janzen 8-0; Stefan Sommer def. Chaz Cooper 8-1; Calen King def. Jordan Hoof 8-2; Dylan Johnston def. Luke Schlosser 8-2.
Carl Matt-Spencer Lewis def. Jaren VanDyke-Johnny Schlosser 8-1; Jace Kimmet-Nate Kavanagh def. Gregg Kalbas-Garet Sullivan 8-1.