Tire slashing spree takes place

By Buck Traxler, I-O Editor
   Sometime in the late evening of April 14 or early morning hours of April 15, an individual(s) punctured tires on seven vehicles on the 500 block of S. Wisconsin.
   The incident took place on both sides of the street. Two vehicles had two tires slashed and five vehicles one tire.
   The city police are investigating the incident, “That was basically a stabbing of the tire,” said Chief Gary Dent. A total cost estimate was not yet available.
   In other news out of the city council meeting on Monday, the city is tentatively planning a spring alley clean up for the week of May 11. Watch The I-O for more details.
   Council members, in a 4-0 vote, approved a conditional use permit for Rachel Kinamon to operate a catering business out of her garage at 705 S. Iowa. The garage will need some remodeling for the business.
   The council also passed Resolution 991, which authorizes the city to purchase a 1990 used fire truck.
   In a related item, the city authorized Chief Dent to purchase a used police car for $10,950. He noted that he would try to negotiate the price down.
   Dent informed the council that the police department had been awarded a $6,000 grant. It carries a stipulation that it be used to purchase equipment that goes inside a police vehicle.
   The Conrad Transportation and Historical Museum requested the use (one of the city uses) of Norley Hall at Blue Sky Villa for a Foundation Ball in conjunction with the 100-year Conrad Centennial celebration in October. The request passed on a 4-0 vote.
   The Conrad swim team asked for permission to use the swimming pool for a swim camp over the days of June 5-6-7. This request also passed on a 4-0 vote.
   Dick Anderson Construction was the low bidder, $3,989,000, for bringing the wastewater pools up to compliance.
   NorthWestern Energy will install the power needed for the wastewater project at a cost of $8,219.
   Task order #14 was also passed. The estimated cost presently is $337,000 and post construction is  $22,440 for M&M Engineers for the wastewater project.
   The mosquito contract went up by 10 percent. Council members voted to allow the mayor to offer a five percent increase and negotiate a best deal for mosquito control.
   The next regular meeting of the city council will be May 4 in city hall, 411-1/2 S. Main St., at 7:30 p.m.