Recycling: are we up to it?

By Adam Jerome, I-O Reporter

Recycling: are we up to it?
BIG SKY IN BAGHDAD — Standing on a rooftop in Baghdad, Lieutenants Taylor Berland Carvajal USN (L) of Conrad and Carl Williams (USN) of Choteau display the Montana flag against a background of the Tigris River. Both men are serving in Baghdad as part of the U.S. contingent, restoring order to the chaos of the Iraqi war. Carvajal, an Eagle Scout, has also worked on his own time with Iraqi Boy Scouts, the sons of Iraqi soldiers and police helping them to understand the values of Scouting and how it can help them build better families and communities for the future. Williams (USN) has two cousins living in Choteau, Leslie Kessler and Beverly Williams.
   Last Wednesday the Conrad Recycling Committee met to discuss the possibility of bringing recycling facilities to Conrad.  
   As it is now, Conrad residents have very few options when it comes to recycling.  If a person wants to recycle cans and paper, their only option is to load it in their vehicle and make the 60 mile trip down to Great Falls.
   While no one would argue that recycling is the right thing, it has become less economically feasible to do so.  The bottom has fallen out of many markets, especially plastic.  The plastic market is so bad that Big Sky Pipe and Supply, the only place to take your plastic recyclables has stopped accepting plastic.
   The Conrad Recycling Committee is in the beginning stages of finding a possible suitor for the town’s recyclables.  As it stands now there are many options, but most require funding, which is not yet in place.
   One option is to contract the county with Headwaters Coop out of Helena.  Choteau has already gone this route and it has seemed to be a success, but once again the problem for Conrad, is where to come up with the funding to pay for these services.
   Another option that seems to be the best at the moment is to let community members try and turn a profit through recycling. Cindy Fuson has just purchased a card board baler and hopes to start a business.  Options like these seem the most feasible at the present, but it requires wait time for businesses to get up and running.
   There will also be a can-drive sometime in the near future to raise some money for funding and also to see the turn out for recycling in Conrad.  
   If all goes well, Conrad will once again have an economically feasible way to help the environment, which should be a top priority for generations to come.
   While everyone would like to do their part for our environment, sometimes busy work and school schedules just step in the way.
   Nevertheless, being greener every day doesn’t take a lot of time or effort, and while it may not seem like much, a little bit of effort may save you money while going greener.
   Following are some tips that will help the environment by reducing, reusing and recycling:
   Pack a lunch. Bringing a lunch rather than buying takeout will save money for your family and it cuts out takeout packaging.
   Pack your lunch in reusable containers. This helps cut down on the amount of waste created by disposable containers.
   Buy dry goods in bulk to reduce amount of packaging that goes to the landfill.
   You can recycle old eyeglasses through the Conrad Lions Club. Contact a member instead of tossing them out.
   These are just a few tips that will help save you money and help our environment the same time.
   While these seem like small steps, a little bit goes a long way in making the earth a little greener.
   Although the picture attached with this article has no relationship, we thought it would be nice to publish it on the website for everyone to see.