Museum raising support for historical deck of cards

   The Pondera History Association/Transportation and Historical Museum is working to create a deck of playing cards that will feature 55 different historical photos from Conrad, on the face of each card.
   The deck will offer not only the historical photos, but also educational facts and points that will highlight the history of Conrad.
   “The deck also offers a unique opportunity to get involved with the support of the museum, “ says Betty Olson.
   Each one of the card faces may be sponsored by anyone interested. From individuals who may want to put, “In memory of…” Or maybe, “In honor of...”.  Businesses may want to list their company name, a phone number or even a website.
   “This is a great way to preserve and tell the local history of the area,” commented Ruth Cook. She went on to add, “Beside raising much-needed funds, we want to create an acute awareness of the museum and also join in helping to celebrate Conrad’s Centennial.”
   Over the past few years, playing cards have made a huge resurgence in popularity.
   From the “Most Wanted Playing Cards” decks to the latest craze of card playing including games like Texas hold ‘em, pinochle, canasta, bridge, and many others.
   Now our community will soon not only add to its own history, but also become a part of the playing card craze.
   The deck will hold true to the historical side of “real” souvenir playing cards by using 55 wonderful Conrad photos.
   If you have questions or need more information, contact Olson at 278-3621 (days) or Arlene Leys 278-7775 (evenings) or Cook at 271-2774.