Commissioners approve roofing contract

   Pondera County commissioners, on Wednesday morning, approved a roofing project contract with Treasure State Roofing, Inc., for the Pondera County Senior Center on Virginia St.
   The contract is for $53,625. Commissioner Sandy Broesder commented, “It was less than half of what we anticipated.”
   The project passed on a 2-0 vote.
   The commissioners all moved to authorize Clerk and Recorder Janice Hopes to proceed with official notices to owners and interested parties having delinquent taxes for the tax years 2004 and before that, beginning on May 24.
   The authorization was OKed on a 2-0 vote.
   Commissioner Johnson announced that the school boundaries bill had become law. It passed through both houses and went to the desk of the governor, who had 10 days to amend it or send it back. He chose not to do anything with the bill and it became law.
   Later in the afternoon, a hearing was held on a proposed rail crossing closure.
   Todd Kuhn, the BurlingtonNorthern-Santa FE (BNSF) public projects manager told the commissioners that BNSF has a program to consolidate crossings on roads, which appear to have been abandoned.
   “The crossing become a safety hazard and when such a hazard is apparent to BNSF, the railroad recommends to the county commissioners that it be closed,” he said.
   The particular crossing that is the subject of the hearing is south of Brady, of the state Frontage Road on land owned by Donna Dunn.
   John Stokes, County Road Department Supervisor stated that he has looked at the road and crossing and it appears that neither the road or the crossing is used.”
   The approach from the Frontage Road and the crossing itself are intact, however, there is no road or approach from the opposite side of the crossing.
   Stokes agreed that there is a safety issue, adding, that the farm operation and residents affected have better entrance and exit on the other side of the land.
   Commissioner Johnson moved to take the matter under advisement until commissioners have had a chance to speak with the landowner.
   The motion passed on a