Conrad businesses get increase in garbage fees

   For example, a 1.5-yard container that is picked up twice a week has an assessment of six units (1.5 x x2)/. 5=6.
   The board of directors of the landfill and the management team of NMJRDD has spent considerable time and effort to get the assessment accurate.
   The increase only affects the business community, not residential homes.
   The 14 percent, all at once, increase will have a big effect on business. For example, the assessment means the Pondera Medical Center will see an increase in their collection fees of $6,120.
   The county is assessed 11 units at $85 per unit and the city is assessed 31.5 units also at $85 a unit.
   If a business believes it is being over-assessed, there are some possibilities to reduce the assessment, reevaluate the container six and/or number of pickups, and relay any appropriate charges to the city.
   Other possibilities include diverting garbage through recycling, or if you share a container with other businesses, visit with your neighbors to determine if shares are equitable.
   All of these changes and calculations will be discussed at a public meeting to be held on may 14, 7 p.m. in the courtroom at the Pondera County Courthouse.
   You may want to mark this date on your calendar.